Baby has arrived! 🥰🤗

Hi everyone.

After a big wait, I’m happy to announce that my little baby boy was born last night, just before midnight. After a very slow pre-labour, things picked up with the help of some oxytocin (which wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be) and we filled the birthing tub at the hospital. About 40 minutes after climbing into that warm embrace of water, and holding off as long as I could to let my body prepare to release him without tearing, I gave a few big pushes, and there he was. A tiny little snuggly darling all covered in white vernix and snuggling on my chest.

After a few wet kisses to the top of his head, he got passed to his Daddy, to hold swaddled while I got dried off and into bed. After some anti-bleed medicine and some pain meds for after cramps, I was ready to hold my baby and eat my midnight meal, amazingly dropped off by our sweet friends Peter and Sophia at the hospital at 10:30 pm that night!

Here we are!

It doesn’t take baby boy long to wake up and smell the milk…and within minutes, he’s nursing like a little pro. See how he’s rooting already? 🤣

Here he is with his Daddy.

And a little close up. And now, I’m back to napping, nursing, snuggling and sleeping. Xoxo

23 thoughts on “Baby has arrived! 🥰🤗

  1. Lisa Yofonoff

    Congratulations Anna I’m so happy he’s so adorable, my mom and dad say congratulations to you as well sending lots of love and healing prayers and big hugs , love you lots Lisa ❤🥰😇

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  2. Mary Cooney

    Congratulations Anna!!!! He is beautiful and absolutely adorable 😍😍😍😍! You look great, too!!!! I hope you get to savor these wonderful days!

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  3. Margie

    He’s beautiful, Anna, congratulations to you and James! Our paths haven’t crossed in MONTHS 🙄, but I saw you in passing one day, saw you were pregnant, and hoped to hear the good news! Thanks to the parish email, I have! God bless all of you!

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