Cuddle-Up Crisp

There’s something special about cuddling-up together on a cold winter evening to share some warm comfort food and maybe watch a favorite show or movie. It just makes all the ‘owies’ of the day melt away…can you tell I spend most of my time with small children? 😉

A hard day at work, a stressful meeting or deadline, or a rough day at school, can all be soothed by the simple, loving act of baking a special treat to share with your husband, child, best friend, or even yourself, with a cup of hot chocolate and a book for company. The smell of warm cinnamon does wonders for the ruffled soul. Somehow it says, “I’m home, and all is well with the world.”

But perhaps you say:
“I don’t feel like baking at the end of a rough day. Are you nuts?”
“Yes, of course; this is Crazyland remember?”

But it is precisely doing this loving thing, while not feeling like it, but to bring joy to the one you love, that makes a noble, romantic thing out of throwing together some flour, sugar, butter and cinnamon on top of berries and sticking them in the oven.

Having said all that, maximum effect with minimum effort is helpful when you’re sleepy, so here’s a super easy recipe for blueberry crisp that’s a sure winner of any husband’s heart. It was the first dessert the author of The Kitchen Confidant made for hers! Happy cuddling!

The only change I’ve made is to drizzle a little lemon on the blueberries, when mixing them with flour and sugar, and to use raw sugar, which gives a nice little crunch. Simple and sweet!