Feather Quills

When the sun sinks into the sea

–a candle snuffed out suddenly–

the silhouettes of palm trees darken

against the fading colours of the sky.

Their leaves become black as crow feathers–

old-fashioned feather quills

writing poetry upon the earth’s dome

among the shooting stars.

My brother Winston took this pic of our brother Monti’s back yard.

Oh, hey, aloha!

I’m outside walking on a January day;

the sidewalks and the sky are matching gray.

I pull my hands into my sleeves,

–the cold wet air is biting me–

but inside there’s a flame no one can see.

I’ve got Maui warmth

hidden in my heart.

The sunshine from Paia

is here to stay, yeah.

Oh, yeah, aloha!

Oh, yeah, aloha!

When you are in Hawaii,

no one asks you why

you’re doing what you’re doing

or you’re wearing what you’re wearing, today.

They say, “Oh, hey, aloha!

Hope you have a great day!

Oh, hey, aloha,

it’s just fine doing things your own way.”

When I was out swimming

with my brothers in the sea

I cut my foot on coral

now the sea’s inside of me.

I’ve got mermaid scars

(perhaps I’ll grow a tail).

The ocean’s salt is in my blood

and bright Maui stars

are ever in my eyes.

So oh, hey, aloha,

hope you’re having a great day

Oh hey aloha,

I’ll be going back to Maui,


Island Lullaby

In Hawaii, the sun sinks into the sea

like a burning golden coin–

you can actually watch it slip below the surface.

The clouds show off their colours:

peachy orange and cotton candy pink,

dark grey accentuated by strips of shining gold.

After it’s done, the sunset hurrah,

deep darkness falls quickly.

The winding island roads are bathed in blackness.

Everything fades away except ohana, family,

the small circle of warmth

around you and and your loved ones,

sipping wine and sharing stories.

With no streetlights to prolong the day,

it soon feels so late and sleepy.

Bed beckons after a day on the beach.

You’re ready for the windy palm tree lullaby,

that endless rustling of phantom rain

that is simply leaves swaying in the starlight.

The crickets convince you to close your eyes and listen.

“Be soothed, be soothed,” they sing.

“Soon enough the sun will return…

rooster will be sure to let you know.

Early and often he will call:

‘Get up! Get up! A new adventure begins!’ ”

Miracles Happen: Mama and Baby go on Hawaiian Holiday

This great picture was taken by Auntie Jessica! 🙂

So I have amazing news to share! Just last week my brother Winston invited me to join him on vacation…and even bought my ticket, so I’m going to Maui with him for the first time ever to visit our brother Monti! Everyone should have an awesome little brother, or two! 😉

As you can imagine…several weeks ago I didn’t even dream of such a thing, as I was busy homeschooling our kids and surviving year-end, when my accountant husband James has to work his hardest. But his lovely boss Brian gave him some personal days after all his long hours, and so between them, a good friend Cheryl and a few babysitters, I’ve got it covered to be away for 6 days! 🙂

The boys love paper crafts. This time was making bats!
The girls getting ready for ballet class.
Working away on her animal worksheet to practice writing.
Fun reproducing Australian outback soil with things from the kitchen!

I managed to find all the documents I needed, and scramble together all my paperwork for passports for the baby and myself. The awesome people at the office got them done in just a few days. Thank you Don Alvaro, to whom I prayed for this all to work out, and to all my girlfriends who were rooting for me to go as well! As I was telling them this morning, it seems so many times that after a particularly hard time or struggle, extra good things happen–like we were being carved out in order to make new space for deeper blessings.

Fun with napkins while waiting at the airport.

I am so grateful for the mystery of God’s providential love…Life is an adventure and dreams come true! 🙂 So if you see some pictures of baby and me near palm trees soon, know it’s not photoshopped!

Well, after an extra fast flight due to tailwind, some baby bouncing at 3700 feet, followed by a big baby nap while I watched a few movies (The Big Year and Collateral Beauty, both good), we arrived!


That lonely hour

between the day and night

between the dark and light

that lonely hour is here

The darkness–not yet complete–

the day–bittersweet–flying away

What could have been or should have been

is over now

My heart’s afloat in this no man’s land

between hanging on, letting go and giving in

accepting that the day was enough

Evening falls on sleepy-eyed dreams of tomorrow

Solitude surrounds me

this lonely hour