The amorous little gentleman

I was just beginning to write this silly little poem earlier when the baby flung back his arm while nursing and hit “post” long before it was ready. Eek! Sorry for those who received this strange snippet in their inbox! Now that the kids have stopped parachuting off their bunkbeds or other similar gymnastic feats, I’ve been able to finish it. Voilá!

The amorous little gentleman

approached with an unabashed smile of delight

and pulling my hair towards him

took a generous chomp of my chin.

He is not at all shy

but perfectly clear

that it’s his utter to delight to bite me

—smooch here and here and here—

If he weren’t so sweet,

like a down covered peach,

perhaps I would try to struggle

but darling he is,

I simply give in

and chubby arms round my neck

give him a snuggle.


Baby Love

A lot of people worry about sibling jealousy when a new baby comes. I have found that babies bring a lot of joy and help the other kids feel a sense of importance because they are able to help out. If you’re not convinced, the proof’s in the pictures….the only jealousy we have here is over whose turn it is to hold the baby next! 👭👶🏼👭


Auntie Reiko Makes Good Soup!

Today one of my closest, oldest friends came over to spend the day with me and the kids. There is something really special about spending time with someone who has stood by you through the years, ever since you were an awkward skinny teenager, and loved you all that time. She’s the kind of friend I can imagine having fun with when we’re both grey-haired and wrinkly, and still laughing our heads off.

Today, just because, she brought us homemade muffins and soup. They were both delicious, and the baby gave us quite the performance eating his soup. Typical of my children, he wanted to do it himself.


He he thought that Greek Red Lentil Soup was best as a full body experience.


It’s likely very good for the skin…


And good to the last drop!


Here’s the link to the recipe, which is originally from the Rebar cook book:

We blended it with a hand mixer to make it kid-friendly….no bits to pick out! But for the adults, the feta crumbled on top makes it truly delicious, and some bread to dip in and and wipe your plate with is a great way to get every last drop, too, without dumping it on your head!