Quick and Easy Pesto Pasta Salad


Here’s a simple recipe for a nice pasta salad you can have on hand in your fridge to pull out for a quick lunch or to bring along to a potluck. 


~one package spiral pasta/rotini, cooked and cooled

~a few tablespoons pesto

~one chopped sweet pepper (yellow, orange or red)

~1/3 cup crumbled sheeps feta (or other)

~1/4 cup chopped assorted olives, such as kalamata, royal, or sundried

~small handful of fresh parsley and fresh basil, chopped

~fresh ground pepper


1. Cook and cool pasta, leaving it slightly firm. I used whole wheat this time, but rainbow spiral pasta (coloured by mixed vegetables) is also nice. 

2. Wash and chop pepper and fresh herbs.

3. Mix pasta with pesto.

4. Chop olives and remove any pits.

5. Add sweet pepper, herbs and olives to pasta in a big bowl, crumble in feta, ground in a bit of fresh pepper and mix. 

6. Enjoy right away or put in the fridge for later! 🙂

So Much For Soup!

Here’s what the kids thought of my dinner tonight….sigh!

But for those of you who’d rather eat soup than throw it, here’s the recipe:

I for one liked it!                            Homestyle Lentil Soup

I added lots of fresh herbs from the garden, like thyme, sage, rosemary and chives, and found it lovely! Kind of like a vegetarian beef stew.

So here’s to all my fellow moms who are trying to cook healthy, instead of putting IKEA toy food on the table cause it’s less messy! 😉 I hope that all of your dinners went better than mine tonight!