Quotes from the Peanut Gallery

Here are some quirky quotes from the peanut gallery.


4 year old: “Can you dance like me?”

3 year old: “No, I can dance like myself.”


4 year old: “Hey! The spider I was catching got away. And he didn’t even leave footprints!”

4 year old: “This woodbug is going to be my real pet. I’ll call him Bubsy. Actually, no, Twinkle.”

Potty Training


Me: “You go pee, honey, like a big girl.”

3 year old: “Yeah, I’m a big girl now. I’m going to peep.”

Me: “After your turn I’ll go pee too.”

3 year old: “Yeah, you’re big, too…like a giant, or a mom, or a dad, or a fire worker, or a vampire…actually, no, not a vampire…I was just pretending that you’re big.”


6 year old: “Why is grandpa lying down?”

Me: “He has a sore back…his sciatic nerve is giving him trouble, like I have when I’m pregnant.”

6 year old: “But Grandpa’s not pregnant.”

Me: “Nope!”

4 year old: “That’s cause babies don’t like boys, only mommies.”