Angelic Delivery

Bread, milk, fruit, eggs,

a family puzzle we stayed up till 11pm one night doing,

a stuffed animal for my toddler,

a sewing project for my 8 year old,

a kind word of encouragement,

a witty joke,

a reference to literature

a story from across the world

a promise to pray:

these are the things my friend of 14 years,

Sister Angela, has brought to my door

when she’s stopped by some evenings around 8 pm,

after a busy day of caring for migrants and the poor,

to leave groceries and an unassuming smile.

“It’s exactly what we needed!” I exclaim.

“God knew,” she answers with quiet confidence…

my angel, my messenger,

bearing so many little tokens

of God’s love.

What Happens When a Mom of Five Goes to Buy Milk


Whoops. You buy about half the store and your kids ride in a rocket.

They spent about half an hour playing in it as I dug through my bottomless pit purse to find my debit card (don’t worry, Mum, I found it when I got home), couldn’t, then had to use the store office to call my chip credit card to ask what my PIN was again…and you know how fast calling credit cards is…Thank goodness the kids got along and the office guy was super patient and friendly.

“Well,” said my oldest, “today was a good adventure!”

Guess we really earned our ice cream after all that. Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup goodness, here we come! Oh, yeah, and reorganizing that purse, too…