I love the gutsy optimism of this poem about fighting darkness with the weapons of love and truth. I’m inspired by the idea that hope springs eternal and that forgiveness is strength because it frees us from the chains of hatred that ensnare us. We can fight a battle of integrity and love, remaining true to ourselves and refusing to stoop down to the level of those who would bring us down.

In fact I pretty much like all of the poems on this blog, from inspiring ones about the beauty of creation, to happy ones about his sweet wife, and powerful poems about the struggle of faith, so I thought I’d share it with you tonight. Nicodemas writes great First Nations micro fiction as well, and is great at responding to comments if you leave one. Enjoy!

Ancient Skies

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Some try to use fear,

as a weapon,

the idea is to make you crumble,

wanting you to be weak,

so they can be strong.


They are not strong,

and they can never win,

they don’t know what a victory is.

We will win,

because we can have weapons,

they do not understand,

they cannot comprehend,


truth, and freedom,

faith (the trusting kind).

Joy and peace,

are strong defenders,


that cannot be moved.

So when the fighting is tough,

put on your armor,

don’t forget your shield,

your sword,

fight strong,

fight hard,

keep loving,

and forgiving,


You may get hurt,

but get up,

and fight again.

Be the warrior,

you were meant to be,

do what is right,

be the light,

be the love.

Hope always wins,

always. light saber

Blessings to everyone and PEACE!

Poetry © Copyright 2015, nicodemasplusthree

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A Small Step


A small step
in the midst of great difficulties
can be a miracle

The heroic efforts of a bumble bee
more impressive
than a charging rhino kicking up dust
all show

It’s not perfection
but struggle that matters
not impressive credentials
but the straining of the heart
towards something truly beautiful

living a life of love
full of little sacrifices
getting up again and again

Keep trying
keep smiling
remember the ideal
that sets fire to your heart

Never let discouragement
drown the flames altogether

Blow on that ember of hope
Remember who you are

Forget trying to please others
modifying yourself to be more palatable to them

You can never please anyone
by pretending

It’s better to go down in flames
like a shooting star
completely crazy
but lighting up the world
with your own form of madness

You will inspire
or you will be despised
but at least you will be you

There are worse things
than being rejected

Wash Me New


I’ve come to sit in the quiet church
to let it all go

The statues and flowers keep me silent company
while upstairs a group of children
sings joyfully to a guitar


There is a giant baptismal font
still filled with holy water from Easter
I want to climb in it and float on my back
staring at the ceiling
like I used to stare at the sky
floating in the lake when I was young

Until all the bitter colours are washed out of me
the blaring colours of anger, fear, resentment, regret…
bleeding out until I am pure white

Empty of everything
but an overwhelming gratitude
for the present moment

Remembering I am a creature
a recipient of endless gifts
my life–each day–a miracle


I don’t need to grip the ropes so tightly
to control the sails
I don’t have to see everything
from the crow’s nest
and constantly consult the map

The real map is in bigger hands
better hands
wiser hands


I don’t need to understand everything

I can lean back
close my eyes and smile
as the salt breeze mixes with my salty tears

Let the sound of the waves
lull me into a place of peace

so I can see this voyage
as a mysterious adventure
and not a problem to be solved
a gift and not a burden