Happy Archangels’ Feast Day 

Here are the angels my kids had fun making today for the feast day of the three archangels, St Michael, St Gabriel and St Raphael. We talked about their biblical stories and their special jobs (protection from evil, healing and safe journeys, messages of salvation from God) and read the prayers asking for their intercession.

Then we looked at art of the archangels online, and discovered what their special symbols are (sword and shield, fish and walking staff, lillies and scroll). The variety of styles of angelic art was quite impressive…from stained glass to pastel sketches, metal statues to Eastern Icons, and more. The one that made the girls laugh was the Japanese anime angel Gabriel. “It’s a Pokemon angel!” they declared gleefully.

Finally, we made some angels of our own. St Gabriel was the most popular today!  


Happy Feast Day, and may your own guardian angels watch over you all!

Welcome to Kid’s Art Corner!

Water Scene (Age 7)

Hi Everyone,
I’ve recently added a new page to my blog: Kids Art Corner. It’s a place for me to keep and share the creations of my kids, without posting each new picture as a separate post. Just click on the top right corner of my blog in the menu. Newest pictures will be out at the top of the Kid’s Art page, for those who would like to see them.
Hope you enjoy it!

Flower Crown (Age 3)