The Persistant Insomniac

Late at night

her eyes are wide open

as two full moons

beaming out in the dark.

Inside fires burn

flames flicker and refuse

the stillness of sleep.


She gets up

grabs her book

a sweater

a snack

and keeps a late night kitchen vigil

with insomnia…

–this date with quiet–

delicious silent solitude.


She feeds her soul

with bread and words,

then rubs her fingers together,

lights the surrounding gloom with sparks

and writes fire!

Only Stillness

All of a sudden
the lights are out
at 7 pm
just as we’re starting dinner

It becomes a candlelit meal
our family enclosed
in a small circle of light
my children’s faces
illumined by the tiny flames

There is nothing else to rush to
no dishwashers or dryers
no email or phone
so we linger around the table laughing
as our three year old
makes up silly stories about babies
and bunnies and when she was little
and used to be a toy and a chocolate

The kids pile easily into their new double bunk beds
with the LED lantern lighting up
their imaginary campground

The baby gives up
cooing at the candle
and lets me rock him to sleep

It is so quiet
there is only stillness
and this small circle of light