An Eastland Family Adventure

You might not know it, because I don’t often get around to posting photos of them, but we do go on a fair number of family adventures. Here’s some snapshots of one of them…taking our family outings to new heights! 😉

Yes, Grandma, your little darlings rode the gondola up the misty mountain! By the top, we could hardly see a thing. It was a little chilly…


There was still a bit of snow….enough for Daddy to throw a snow ball!


Don’t worry, Grandma, we didn’t ride these!


We followed some large tracks…until we found the grizzly bears.  


But they were very mellow…lounging in their baths complacently. 


Goodbye, bear! 

After all this, an amusing logger show and a wild bird show, we were ready for hot chocolate! Our city kids were very happy to cradle their cups at Starbucks after their chilly but very civilized adventure up the mountain!

Misty Moon

There’s a misty werewolf moon tonight
and it reminds me of a poem I wrote you

 just over 6 months ago

before you were born,

while you were still with us. 
The stars twinkle reassuringly 

in the cold night sky,

but the gloominess of this moon

covered in snatches of thin clouds 

like scattered veils,

brings me to tears.
Perhaps it shines brighter from your side

—up in Heaven—

with no clouds in the way. 
One day, honey, promise you’ll show me.