Nothing like an afternoon nap on a hot day…sleeping is the way to travel! 😉 

It’s been a day for pink lemonade and ice cream, and painting pictures inside in our cool ground level suite, rather than in the blaring sun. 

Hope you all sleep well this warm evening! We had a pre-bedtime splash in the kiddie pool and have the fans going….

…This brief weather-coping update is for the sake of aunties, grandmas and other relatives worried about their little peanuts roasting in the heat! 🙂

Curl Up With Me

There are days when everything feels like so much

and I hide from You, Lord,

thinking I have nothing good to say about all this

and can’t deal with anyone else.

But when I hide under the covers

seeking the solitude of sleep,

I discover You there,

waiting like a loyal, warm cat

ready to just curl up and be with me.

And then I open the eyes of my heart a little

and start to see you everywhere…

in a single star in the early evening sky

in the eternal beauty of a long low bank of gray clouds on the horizon

in the tiny green shoots of sweet peas bravely emerging from the soil

and in the purple blossom of my flowering Josephine plant

saying, “I am here, I am here.”