a poem a day for advent

Recently my friend and former highschool writing mentor Caroline Woodward invited me to submit a poem to her friend’s online advent calendar, where a poem a day awaits us, instead of a little chocolate. 

I did send a poem in, and I’m honoured to have it included in author Joanna Streetly’s Poetic Advent Calendar. Joanna is the author of several books and is the west coast rep for the Federation of BC Writers and a long-standing member of the Clayoquot Writers’ Group. 

The poems and photographs by Joanna and various guest poets are poignant and personal…and touch on various themes from the satisfaction of burying ones hands in dough to make a traditional recipe, to the mystery of human suffering and the need for solidarity at all times, and not just Christmas. 

Here is a peek at mine…if you visit her site you can enjoy the other poems, too, such as “Wingless Angels,” “outer isles haiku,” “Stone Flight Requiem,” and “the gladness of stars.”


See more at this link: Poetry Advent Calendar

And many blessings a you prepare for Christmas!

Crimson and Gold

I continue to be enchanted by the beauty of fall..which this year has had a slow mellow warmth, like the flickering of a cosy fire, flames all crimson and gold. 


My kids, who had been peacefully playing inside, were very happy to discover where Mummy had snuck off to for a few quiet moments of photography! Pretty fun that even though I’m with them all the time, after 3 minutes away, I get greeted like a rock star! 😉