Reality is the greatest mystery

We adults are so easily bored. We think we’ve seen it all and that a fantasy would be much more interesting than our real lives. How shortsighted our vision is…how little we perceive as we fuss about our busy, distracted, task driven days. How much we complain, rather than stop and give thanks, in awe of even being alive….the wonder of existing at all. There could be a million stories written in which we did it exist. A million versions of life on earth without us. And yet here we are. 

Children have more sense of this. Their minds are not so constricted by supposed practicalities. Reality, seen through the eyes of a child, is the greatest mystery there is.

And in honour of the messy realness of children’s vision, the lovely freeness and honesty of it, here are some pictures of my kids, taken by my kids…in this case my 5 year old daughter, who has a fantastic imagination, and for whom the little moments in life are still an adventure. 


Hope you enjoyed this peek into a little moment in her world! May your day be as bright and cheerful as this sunflower, no matter what the weather.

What Happens When a Mom of Five Goes to Buy Milk


Whoops. You buy about half the store and your kids ride in a rocket.

They spent about half an hour playing in it as I dug through my bottomless pit purse to find my debit card (don’t worry, Mum, I found it when I got home), couldn’t, then had to use the store office to call my chip credit card to ask what my PIN was again…and you know how fast calling credit cards is…Thank goodness the kids got along and the office guy was super patient and friendly.

“Well,” said my oldest, “today was a good adventure!”

Guess we really earned our ice cream after all that. Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup goodness, here we come! Oh, yeah, and reorganizing that purse, too…