Broken Light

This is a poem I wrote months ago, and finally decided to publish, being in a sufficiently melodramatic mood after a long day.  Funny how poetry brings out our inner opera star sometimes…Anyway, I wasn’t able to sleep and got up to clean the kitchen a bit to get sleepy.  My efforts in late night cleaning resulted in accidentally knocking a glass pitcher out of the cupboards at midnight…SMASH! on the tile floor…overheard by my landlord upstairs…Should have stuck to my initial plan to read a good book and eat ice cream instead!

Broken Light

Some days I can do nothing;
everything I try to fix breaks.

Hands reaching out to heal
make things crumble instead;
fingers try to caress but leave a bruise.

Words meant to help leave scars of pain,
wounds unhealing and unforgotten.

How can I go so wrong?
Intending to care
but causing anger, offense, insult…

It is clear I can do nothing.

Lord, from this hollow emptiness
bring fullness of life,
from my stumbling failures bring fruit.
Make all things new,
from death bring life.

Help me to embrace
the silence of my nothingness.

Help me become an instrument
forged in fires of humiliation,
not broken but smoothed,
docile to your inspirations,
attentive to the needs of others
and passionate for my own duties
brightening my tiny corner of the world.

I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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