Little Visit

Coming here to the little chapel to visit you, Lord,
after all these weeks,
I feel like a long lost lover reunited…
and I want to cry.

Who am I without you?
Drowning in cares, distracted by worries,
unfocused and befuddled…

I’ve been shipwrecked and
barely afloat, but now I’ve seen land–
I can make it!

There is nothing to say,
because you know everything;
there is everything to say,
because you love me at every moment,
even my worst.

Touch my aching heart,
carry my drooping wings,
help me to soar with you,
embracing all the beauty of life.

Uncloud my eyes so I can see you still,
when I leave this little room,
smiling like a long lost lover,
heart beating anew.

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