The Undoing

A date! The zookeeper abandoned her post and went on a date! Pure joy and nothing short of amazing. Of course, you’ll say, a night out from your five kids (even the baby!) was amazing, like eating a rare delicacy. Three cheers for my aunt and uncle who generously babysat!

But aside from that, the band The Undoing, which my husband and I saw perform recently, was awesome. They are a Genesis tribute band led by Jason Dionne, who has been in love with progressive rock since he first heard it around age 12. He and his fellow musicians, which include his brother on drums and his wife Karen on flute, are extremely talented and passionate, but know how to combine their serious dedication to music with a joyful exuberance in performing. It was a delight of seeing them having so much fun. Made me think it would be fun to share a hobby like that with my husband…

My brother in law, who has seen the original band Genesis perform three times, said The Undoing almost outdid them! And all this while grinning at each other like kids and making jokes between songs, without the slightest trace of self-importance. It was a small crowd but they didn’t seem to care, and rocked their hearts out anyway. Jason dedicated the concert to his loving and supportive dad, who had bought him his first few guitars.

Nothing short of glorious, and anyone who missed it, missed out!
If you aren’t a Genesis fan already, let yourself be undone….

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