Giving Birth: Better Than You Think

This post is on honor of my friend who’s first baby is due today. “If pregnancy is this hard, what can labour be like?” she asked recently. Well, here’s a few reasons it’s better than you think.

Because, after all the waiting, the getting bigger, the feeling awkward, the heart burn and poor sleeps, labour sets you free. It is like an awesome thunderstorm relieving the pressure of dense dark clouds…and making way for the sunshine of your child’s first smile.

Because even if you’re nervous, you’re much stronger than you think. Your body is an amazing participant in the creation of new life, and you’ll discover your autopilot knows what to do.

And because weakness is ok. A delicate flower can open and reveal new life, and gentleness is one of a mother’s greatest gifts.

Because patience, which is love extended over time, will carry you through. Try to offer up each moment for a special intention; it will help the time pass. But ask for whatever help you need, whether it’s to hold hands, drink lemonade, be held tight or be given space. Embrace your labour for what it is, and don’t worry too much about how you planned it. Being at peace with how it actually is is even better.

Giving birth is wonderful because, in a way like never before, you’re husband is going to be completely awed by you, revering your ability to lovingly bring forth a miracle: your baby, the incarnation of your love. You will fall in love again, with your baby yes, but also with each other.

Because after all the tense waiting and preparation, as before the grand opening of an art show or piano concert, it ends in the revelation of your masterpiece. Applause! You will never see something more beautiful than that tiny newborn face, those little dark eyes looking at you for the first time.

So to all women who are due to give birth soon, many blessings of peace and strength be with you!
You can do it! And it’ll be more worth it than you can imagine.

5 thoughts on “Giving Birth: Better Than You Think

  1. Janet

    Love what you had to say……. you are a very special and gifted person to be able to put such meaningful words down on paper, I’m sure that any one who is fortunate enough to read your work will be truly blessed.


  2. Hi Anna,

    Just got around to reading this now as I sort through my flooded inbox (you sent this to me while I was in labour). You really put the experience into words so well! Marc said I was more easygoing during labour and delivery than in the last few days of the pregnancy (I had a couple fuss-fests…is that word? Is now). Honestly, I hardly complained during labour and once Gabriel was here (not trying to toot my own horn here, I surprised myself) because I knew we were so close to meeting him, and then I didn’t have time for it anymore! God simply guides us through the natural process, all of the thinking and prepping and tension leading up to it dissolves when you are experiencing it for the first time.


    1. Hi Rachel,
      Thanks for sharing this beautiful testimony to the natural strength of women to give birth. I guess it’s one of the few times we’re forced to stop multitasking so much and just focus deeply on one thing! 😉
      It shows the calming ability of getting out of our swirling heads and truly being present to the task at hand. Makes me want to live this kind of focus at other times as well…to draw on that hidden strength and grace that awaits us when we seek it.
      So glad you’re experience was one filled with calmness and grace!


      1. It’s true! I felt a great stillness. I had a breakthrough moment after not being sure how to push, and I said to the doctor, “Oh! All I have to do is breathe in – hold it – and then breathe out through my vagina. Then repeat.” He laughed and said he hadn’t heard that one before. It’s actually much simpler than one would expect!

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