Bad Day Better Brownies


Here’s a super easy brownie recipe to make for when you’ve had ‘one of those days’.

The kind where your tired, post-Christmas party kids have had a few moments where they weren’t having tantrums and weeping fits, but more when they were.

The kind where it’s freezing cold and you have to bundle everyone up and go out, even though it feels like an expedition to Everest.

The kind where your eight month old poops his diaper in church, and then there’s no change table so you have to change him standing up in the bathroom counter. And then the freezing cold baby wipes make him pee. Three times. All over his little pants.

While your other kids run around, have fits, squirm, and try to play marbles.

And then you arrive home, after waiting for the bus in the cold dark night, to find that an animal has knocked over your garbage and spread it across your welcome mat.

This super easy brownie recipes just the thing for one of those days. Brownies to make your bad day better when when you’re too tired to bake some thing fancy, but need a treat.

Here’s the link to the recipe:

There’s only three tablespoons of butter in them and no eggs, so it’s a pretty guilt free treat. And more importantly, they’re very yummy. Enjoy!

3 thoughts on “Bad Day Better Brownies

  1. Jay M.

    Oh my goodness- I almost want a bad day to have an excuse to make these 😉 Yum-o, thanks for sharing the recipe. xoxo (And here’s hoping you have a much better day with the leftovers!)


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