Belly Poem

There’s a poem in my belly
Encrypted in code
A little tiny story
Waiting to be told

It’s curled up tight
in its tiny red room
little tiny heart beating
to the rythm of my womb

On publishing day
It’ll be so fine
To see my little poem
Come out and shine

Its path in the world
is yet unknown
but with time and love
it will be shown

Then my little poem
will shout out its song
unfurl it’s beauty
and sweep us along

Its story is just starting
But it’ll end never
Cause this little belly one
Is a poem to last forever

18 thoughts on “Belly Poem

  1. Dawn Goh Bugarin

    Dear Anna, Congratulations on your belly and your poem – I was focusing on the metaphor too much that I didn’t realize this was more autobiographical than fictitious 🙂

    I thought a lot about the tips you shared regarding norms and mommy hood and they work! A little bit here and there goes a long way and I feel better about my efforts and not so frustrated all the time!

    You’re inspiring as usual! Dawn


    1. Thanks, Dawn, you are lovely! I’m so glad you are doing well and using all those little moments to get things done and also take care of your spiritual life. Feeding our souls sure helps us be better moms!


      1. Waverlea Koenig

        I thought I noticed a baby bump on my last visit a few weeks ago! Great baby is walking so you don’t have to lift heavy weights too much. Take care!


  2. Maria Anggowo

    Congratulations Anna! Glad you’re able to share this joyful news to the world! 🙂 Looking forward to the new addition to your family.



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