Oh, boy! It’s a girl!

Yesterday I watched my little girl do her version of gymnastics…squirming about, limbs this way and that, hanging on to her toes with her little hands, playing and putting on a little performance.

It was the first time I saw her dance.
Because she is only 20 weeks old.
And is dancing in my belly.

It was a joy to see her, and my sister-in-law Karen was there with me, which made it extra special. There’s nothing like a sister to share an unforgettable moment with.

We have four girls already, and one little boy, but we couldn’t be happier. Each of our girls is totally amazing and unique and like our latest Iittle one, likes to dance like crazy.

Everyday is a dance party, and that’s part of what makes Crazy Land so special. Our little guy knows how to shake his booty, too, with gusto and a lot of laughter. We are so happy to have him, too. He’s our little prince and we all adore him.

But contrary to the belief of many little old ladies from all over the world, he wasn’t the “point” of all these kids, the final “Aha, now we got it right!” So I had to laugh when I found out when we are having another girl, because I’m so happy, and because every child of ours is welcome and the perfect one for us. No matter what.

So on that note Karen and I decided to celebrate by buying lots of pink candy from London Drugs, where the innocent cashier asked,

“Oh, is it your first?”
“No, sixth.”

Her jaw dropping.
Me grinning.
Rather fun.


So little sweet one, on behalf of all your family, and in the words of your Nanna, “welcome wee dancer!”


13 thoughts on “Oh, boy! It’s a girl!

  1. Roberta Cottam

    My heart is singing with joy! Your family inspires me so much, Anna. What a blessing you are to this world. Love, Ro


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