Attack of the Evil Dishwasher!

So I think my dishwasher is haunted….after a busy morning of homeschooling (and ignoring the dishes) the kids and I were trying to get the kitchen cleaned up before my friend Coco came over. One was passing dishes to me to load the dishwasher, others were wiping the counter or moving about kitchen chairs (toddler helping). Anyway, as I held my squirmy baby and tried to load dishes into the open washer, the machine suddenly turned on and starting spinning and squirting hot water all over the kitchen, spraying us all. After several load exclamations, and running to put baby in his bed out of the spray, I closed the evil thing and stopped the impromptu shower. 20140612-173238-63158833.jpg Is that what it takes for me to mop the floor?! That my appliances come alive!? Ok, ok, I take the hint universe…I wiped off the soaking wet table and floor, and left the kitchen shinier. I’d give my evil dishwasher a time out for misbehaving, but sadly that wouldn’t help me any… 20140612-173524-63324646.jpg

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