Summer Evening Sunshine


Wow, it’s been a year since I registered with WordPress, and my blogging journey began. To celebrate this, I’m going to publish the first post I composed on my blog, which never made it out of the draft box until today.

Blogging has been so good for me, because it’s helped me to write so much more regularly, and to feel more confident. Writing is now easier and more fun, especially because of being connected to a great community of fellow readers and writers online. Thank you all for each word of encouragement.

I actually feel comfortable calling myself a writer now, which is new, and have even had a few short articles published in a paper. Hurrah! 🙂 It seems the more I write, the more opportunities to write come, and I’m very happy and grateful for this. Here’s a little snippet with my name in print!


I encourage anyone who has some crazy artistic idea they are afraid to try to give it a shot, because amazing things are possible. You’d never imagine what you’re capable of and what great opportunities may come unless you try.

So here’s that first post my then trembling fingers never hit publish on. All the best to my fellow writers, and cheers to all of my wonderful readers! I’m so glad you’re sharing this adventure with me!

Summer Evening Sunshine


After a long day of meals and snacks and diapers and messes, stories and games and breaking up squabbles, it is the most beautiful thing to sit in the evening summer sunlight in the garden, surrounded by bees and flowers, just drinking it all in.

My big girls are jumping on the trampoline–getting along for the moment–and the baby is sleeping. One toddler is snuggling on my lap and the other is wandering about naked, eating raspberries like a chubby, curly haired garden gnome.

Moments like this, worries of the world seem far away and irrelevant, having faded in the mellow warmth and simplicity of the summer evening.

Pausing from the endless seeming cycle of distracted multitasking, I am finally quiet enough to be aware of this divine beauty that has escaped me until now, and in this moment, feel connected to eternity.

4 thoughts on “Summer Evening Sunshine

  1. Janet

    Congratulations on the 1st anniversary of your blog. I can see how much more confident you have become and am realy proud of all of your poems and ponderings. Thanks for allowing my friends and myself to be a part of your love of words. You have written so many meaningful and touching articles. Always looking forward to a new post.
    Thanks Anna.


  2. Anita Min

    Congratulations Anna!

    I can’t believe that it’s been a year.

    I absolutely love your writing, it’s inspiring helpful, fun and often like a balm on a soul. Yes, you are a wonderful writer and I’m looking forward to read your blog this year and more years to come!

    God bless,



    1. Anita your words are so life-giving! Thank you for your constant friendship and support! I’m honoured that you read my blog and want to keep sharing my thoughts with you, and bringing you a smile when I can.
      I hope you’re having a lovely time in Poland, and so happy we can connect even when you’re physically far away.


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