Cold Ache


It is the first snow without you
the first snow and it is so piercingly cold

The ground is crunchy and the air hurts
my bare fingers as I take pictures
capturing this day
this moment without you

I’m so glad you’re wrapped
in the softest, cosiest blanket
your mama could find

My little snow queen
my glistening beauty

Unique and perfect
as a snowflake
and ever beautiful

The little birds flit about
with their feathers fluffed up
wee puffballs warm for winter

But I soon hurry inside
for my heart
is shivering







2 thoughts on “Cold Ache

  1. Robert McCandless

    Photo of the nuts & branches lying on the snowy ground is beautifully textured.

    Cold, rugged, lumpy, like the sad seasons of our hearts.



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