Fun With Felt: A Christmas Craft


Here is our latest project, which turned our kitchen table into a rainbow tornado of felt, but was fairly simple and lots of fun for all of us! It’s a felt Christmas banner. We cut pieces of felt with sticky back to adhere to the larger piece, and glued on little foam decorations. Once it was hung up we pinned on a few more light decorations, and voilá: a Christmas banner.

See the little foam pieces? You can get them at the dollar store. My 4 year old helped with making the presents, and did a few by herself.


My 8 year old cut out the letters herself—not bad! She made the snowman and the Santa, too.


And my 6 year old made this snowman, except the hat; I helped with that. My little 3 year old decorated the Christmas balls.


Here are some of the felt makers…


The hardest part was getting the all kids to stay still for their picture! And of course cleaning all the little bits up after…so I recommend an extra coffee, but it’s well worth it for all the fun the kids have, and mummy, too! 😉


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