5 Reasons Why Stay-At-Home Parenting = Writing Success

Here is one more awesome post from Kate from Australia, whose blog I love. Her “Fail” posts are ridiculously funny. I wish she could come over for tea. We could sort socks together (ha!). She’s a fellow crazy mom blogger, and here’s her promised post on why writing at home works so well. Enjoy!

Laptop on the Ironing Board

I used to think I would have to wait for my children to grow up a bit before thinking about becoming a writer, but now I realize I’m exactly where I need to be. Here’s why:

1. You will be desperate for a creative outlet

odd socks

There are only so many lullabies you can sing and pretend cappuccinos you can sip before you start craving a use for your brain.  Harness this hunger and write!

2.  It’s the ideal set-up

"The Frenzy": a cartoon depicting chaos surrounding an oblivious Kate who is writing furiously. Annie empties cornflakes onto the table, Harry is watering the television and the other two have kindled a small fire on the table and are roasting marshmallows

If you were trying to write on weekends whilst working full-time, you might struggle to get yourself into the right frame of mind.  If you took time off work to focus on your writing, you would have to face the unbearable pressure of producing something good and printable to validate your choice.  When you’re a stay-at-home-parent, you have the luxury of writing for fun.  If you ever get to the point…

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4 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why Stay-At-Home Parenting = Writing Success

    1. It’s an honour! I’ve had lots of likes on your post, and even a new follower or two…hopefully they’ll be following you as well. Love your sense of humour and so agree with the post. I’d been thinking of writing something like it myself for some time, but your cartoons make it extra fabulous!

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      1. I think that’s the best part, that you genuinely share of yourself, despite imperfection. That takes courage! But honestly, I really do love your cartoons, especially your lively hair! Totally cracks me up…I love drawing, too, and also specialize in stick people…

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