Nothing to offer but silence

Rummaging through the cupboards of my soul

I find I have nothing to offer you.

Where is the spiritual nourishment I want to share?

The refreshing tidbit of wisdom

to savour on the tip of your tongue?


Looking, looking, I come up empty…


All I can offer is a bit of space

for you to lay down your burdens,

a bare shelf in my heart

you’re welcome to fill with your sorrows

or joys.


I will sit with you, friend,

and offer the silence your story needs

to come out and dance.


6 thoughts on “Nothing to offer but silence

    1. Thanks, Nico. I was in a more quiet, contemplative mood this Easter, as I was missing my Josephine a lot. Her first Easter was I’m sure a glorious one in Heaven, but her mama still wanted her here. Peace be with you,

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