Brainless No-Bake, No-Measure Cookies

Perfect for a quick snack on a lazy afternoon! Ready in 5 minutes…so you can please your low-blood sugar critters before they eat each other up…even if you forgot to plan their after-school snack!

Here’s the basic idea…but feel free to ask for more details in the comments if you like!

1. Warm about a cup of peanut butter in a pot on medium heat. 

2. Add some apple sauce and stir.

3. Throw in some chocolate chips and mix to help them melt. 

4. Pour in a bit of (almond) milk and stir till creamy. 

5. Dump in some ground flax. 

6. Mix in quick oats until the whole thing sticky but fairly solid. 

7. Remove from heat and drop by spoonfuls on a cookie sheet. 

8. Let cool a few minutes or until little fingers grab ’em! 


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