Calico’s Get Fancy

Today my kids are having fun playing carefully with my old doll house furniture from Holland. Their Calico Critters have never had it so good! Here are some pictures of their adventures…

Fine Dining!
The chef and her shiny pots and pans.
Bathtime in ye olde footed tub!

19 thoughts on “Calico’s Get Fancy

      1. What fun! I used to have a shelf in my bedroom even as a teenager that had my dollhouse furniture set up…stamps framed as paintings, little bits of linoleum for the bathroom floor, wrapping paper for the wallpaper…a little cookie with white paint and a red bead in top for a Christmas pudding.
        Make believe…to bad I’m not as good at decorating my real sized house! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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      1. It’s fun, too, having all my girls to play dollhouse with since I grew up with just brothers! Climbed lots of trees and played soccer, but now I’m getting to do living room dance parties and play tea set…fun to experience both.

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