soft arms scented with cinnamon and sugar

My big sister—

the poet, the editor, the mediator

the strong survivor,  the loving mother

the beautiful woman

my inspiration, my friend—

gave me this Dutch cake mix for appeltaart

when she last came to visit us.

And though she’s a province away,

when I make it with my girls—

carefully chopping the apples together,

blending in the butter,

brushing with egg to finish the masterpiece—

I am with her, too.

“Lekker gezellig!” deliciously cosy…

The love of my sister

wraps around me like these strips of dough

around the nested apples,

soft arms scented with cinnamon and sugar.


2 thoughts on “soft arms scented with cinnamon and sugar

  1. Patti Ikegami

    Hey Anna! Haven’t seen you quite some time. Hope you are recovering from your moving weekend!

    That Dutch apple cake looks yummy! Hope to see you soon!

    Patti I


    1. Hi Patti!
      Thanks for checking in! We are doing pretty well and are largely unpacked. There’s always a bit more to do…but we are surviving and loving the new house!
      Come for tea sometime!


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