The Feminine Touch


To deny that making a home a beautiful and loving place is a valuable task is to deny the value of woman’s innate ability to nurture…and to place value only on money and perceived external power. Sometimes feminism makes the mistake of equating equality with masculinity…thinking anything typically feminine is lesser. What an impoverished view! How far from respecting the feminine, how far from liberating women! 

True freedom lies in the ability to choose for love…whether it is to work in society, or to build society from within the family. Woman has much to add in both these spheres. 

Whatever we do, wherever we are, we do as women, and proudly so. Feminine qualities of empathy, wholistic vision, ability to multitask, to communicate and bring out the best in people should be part of everything we do, whether teaching our children or designing a bridge. So wear the power suit if you like, but don’t throw away your feminine soul. You are richer for it, and so are those around you. 

2 thoughts on “The Feminine Touch

  1. Roberta Cottam

    Exactly! That is my definition of feminism, too–not being equal to men (as if they are they default and we are measured by comparison), but being empowered in our femaleness.To proudly be just the way we are! Since when did female reproduction–so empowering and such a privilege!–become a weakness/set-back? I have daughters and I will be celebrating menarche!

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    1. Awesome! Glad to be celebrating motherhood and femininity with a fellow love rebel mom like you! And we are so incredibly lucky to have our beautiful daughters. May they always rejoice in who they are, unique and amazing, and never feel the need to compare themselves by a ‘standard’ not meant for them—that of being a man!


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