Song of the Purple Plum

Fall is coming.

The leaves blush crimson

and purple plums swell;

their dark bloom 

splits open sweet flesh 

and reveals the kernel of new life inside.

And so my round belly will 

swell, blossom, bloom

and I’ll split open 

revealing the flesh of my flesh

bone of my bone

seed of my hope

fruit of my love…

And from my fragile flesh—

my heart split open—

the seed of new life be nourished

and a new tree will grow.

11 thoughts on “Song of the Purple Plum

      1. wow that’s great 🙂 handling little one’s is the most tough think once the baby arrives 🙂 But its good they all are excited and are making way for the new one 🙂


      2. Yes, I find little kids are much more affectionate and caring towards babies than the media and popular literature would have you believe. So many books make toddlers or older siblings angry and super jealous of the new baby, but I find the main thing my kids are jealous of is whose turn it is to hold the baby! 😉

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      3. ha ha 😀 that’s true 🙂 I see my elder nephews and nieces fighting for holding and kissing the baby 😛 Anyways you enjoy your motherhood 🙂 And have safe and happy delivery 🙂

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  1. Roberta Cottam

    Love it! Steve called me a peach when I was expecting Bridget, and she was the pit! You’ve been i my mind and I have reveled in your honest and touching posts! Enjoying Bridget’s newborn days and looking forward to seeing you. Playdate, please! I am still finding my feet some days, haha! xo


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