Island Encounter

Today my old university friend told me 
of his travels
to Greece 
a day he spent stranded
on a tiny island inhabited by 25 people
and about 40 cats

After missing his stop on the ferry 
he wandered about the island
and stumbled upon a little white church
perched like a sun-bleached shell upon 
this little rocky island

It was surrounded by a low stone wall
and as there was no one around 
except perhaps a stray cat
he clambered over it 
to take a closer look

After a few pictures
he reached up the rocky wall
to leave but lost his grip
falling backwards on the hard stone churchyard

Stuck on his back
with his face to the sky
he told me
laughing now
he figured maybe God
was punishing him for breaking in

I smiled 

thinking how instead this was a divine romance
Providence whisking him away to the little island
drawing him to the church
for a quiet moment alone
wanting to speak to his heart

But…fear of trespassing on holy ground
stifled the still small voice
and kept my friend in darkness
thinking the One whose love for him exceeds
that of any other
was only out to punish him

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