The Best Party in Town

It was New Year’s Eve. Usually I’d love to have people over and make a big deal of it, but this year, with my not quite two month old under the weather, I was feeling partied out after the Christmas business. So I had a quiet (-ish) day at home with the kids. It can only be so quiet with 6 kids of course!

It was a gorgeous sunny day, so I popped out into the garden and took a few pictures of the frost sparkling in the sunlight. Even nature was decked in her best for the New Year. Here’s what I found:



As the day wore on, and evening approached, I found myself wishing for something a bit festive, despite my tiredness. My husband, who is an accountant, had to work late that night to prepare the year end financial statements, so I had two options: try to chase the kids into bed early and get a nap in before he got home, or cheer up and have a living room dance party to celebrate New Year’s Eve. 

One spiked eggnog latte for me and several Christmas cookies for everyone later, we chose to dance. We put on some dance tunes, stuck our hair in pony tails on top of our heads, and pretended to be rock stars. As we jumped around laughing and dancing, I couldn’t help grinning at my bright-eyed kids having fun being silly. There was no need for a fancy evening out. Turns out the best party in town was at my house after all. 

Happy New Year Everyone! May you be very happy, right where you are today, as you can dance your way to the adventures of tomorrow!

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