Super Simple Lentil Dahl

This is one of my favourite easy, cosy recipes the kids love.
It comes from this book I was given at my wedding shower 11 years ago! Lots of good ideas for healthy meals.
Here’s what it looks like cooked.
But I blend it because my kids like to eat it by dipping naan bread in it, and this way there’s no chunky veggies to pick out! 😉
So here’s my quick and dirty way to share the actual recipe with you! You can tell from the splattered book I’ve made it often.
My littlest eater likes to dip carrots in it and recommends hummus and cucumbers on the side.
His big sister ate this many pieces of naan bread with it! Yum! Of course if it’s for dinner and not just lunch you can make some other curries to go with it or serve with salad. And if you’re gluten free it’s great with rice as well, instead of naan bread. Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “Super Simple Lentil Dahl

    1. You’re welcome! Thanks! Will try to share a new recipe next time…I was thinking Greek food would be a nice veggie option for you as well….Greek salad, spanakopita (my fave) yummy roast potatoes…


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