Bodies of Water

The trees are so stable,

their moods have such endurance.

They hold on for months

to the bare bitterness of winter,

the silence,

the absence of even a rustling leaf.

Then the trees embrace the sweet joyfulness of spring

in a long coquettish smile,

a blossom-blush lasting months.

Afterwards, the trees sail into the smooth serenity of summer,

wearing their regal wreaths with proud satisfaction.

Even the flaming, flickering colours of fall flash across their faces for months,

the trees, with their moods more stable than mine,

for I am but a tiny body of water

wrapped in skin.

My thinly guarded surface subject to tremors of wind,

the harassment of a sudden hailstorm

or the steady pounding of rain.

I’ve been know to get icicles in my eyelashes

tears of pain frozen before fully released.

Some things are better to let go of quickly.

In all this variable moodiness,

this passionate intensity and depth of feeling,

I am not alone,

for are we not all but small bodies of water

(97% H2O)

wrapped in skin,

the tides in our hearts tugged about by not just the moon,

but by the moods of all the other bodies of water

bumping around us

in this space

that is earth.

8 thoughts on “Bodies of Water

  1. Beautiful poetry! There is a special connection with the Spirit when the words flow from the mind onto the page. Thank you.
    I was thinking of the child you lost and this scripture came to mind:
    “Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of his saints.” Psalm 116:15
    We know our true home is in heaven and God rejoices in our being in his eternal presence.
    Ron Bouchard

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    1. Yes, thanks for these words. Praying hard for a friend of mine whose newborn baby James is on life support and possibly headed home to Heaven very soon. Please join me in surrounding them with grace to endure, and hope to find life beautiful in the midst of their pain.


      1. Would it be ok if my wife and I put them on our church’s prayer chain. My niece was 23 weeks with no hope, the doctors said there was nothing more that could be done, but God had me pray over my sister’s belly and my wife interceded. She is a beautiful, healthy, happy 27 year old! So, we will pray and God will aswer!
        All His Blessings

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