Silent Salute

I look with longing up the hill

to where my little sweetie lies.

A strip of tall, green trees topped with crimson

stand at attention along the oft-walked road

like a line of fire

through the graveyard

and up the hill where my baby ever sleeps.

Glorious fall silently saluting the fallen–

my heart shouting without sound

as the bus rumbles by and whisks me away too soon.

7 thoughts on “Silent Salute

  1. Oh wow look at her there in all her pink light. I wish so much that she was with you and her whole family in person, but love this photo for capturing her essence.

    Love to you Anna, thinking of you and your precious Josephine at this time of changing seasons. 💗💗💗

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    1. Thank you, sweet Roberta! Josephine’s 5th birthday is this Monday. We are going to plant fall flower bulbs like we do each year, so our spring will be filled with beautiful reminders of the glorious abundance of life she is experiencing in Heaven.


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