Yesterday, my sweet neighbour’s only daughter died of cancer, leaving behind a loving husband and two little boys. I am so crushed by this news, so in her honour, and in honour of all the many precious people who have recently died, I thought I would share this poem from my book unexpected blossoming: a journey of grief and hope.

As some of you already know, I wrote this book of poetry after losing my baby daughter Josephine. Peace be with all of you who are suffering the loss of loved ones in this crazy time.


If it’s true that we are dust

and that from the moment of birth

we are heading towards death,

then are not all our words

like a dying breath—

an exhalation of hope

that our voices will be heard

after we’re gone?

Like the light of stars

shining for years,

sending light across the universe

long after the star has burnt out.

Are we perhaps,

though weak and frail,

yet destined for eternity,

little flurries of stardust?

4 thoughts on “Stardust

  1. Susana Parrodi

    Hello Anna, I’m so sad to hear the news of you neighbour… Was it the lady on the up apartment where we used to have our classes? Im praying..not so much for the girl..but for the parents and brothers… Give me her name so I’ll offer the Easter Mass for the family. I guess it brings up all your feelings of Josephine…I’m praying for you too..and all the family. Was it because of Covid 19? A big kiss for you…and a happy Easter…that has passed by the Cross Susana

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    1. Dear Susana,
      No we have moved since then, so this is not someone you know. It is my neighbour Judy next door in my newer neighbourhood, who had only one child, her grown daughter who died of cancer. She has promised to take care of the two boys, her grandsons. Truly a heroic grandma.
      And now, just two days after her daughter, her husband passed away of cancer as well. So she has been truly pounded with suffering this Easter. All we can do is pray, smile at her over the fence, laugh and cry together, and give her homemade treats. Thank you for adding your prayers to ours!! It means a lot for her top have that invisible support!
      Easter blessings from the God of life who has truly conquered death,


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