Welcome, Baby Timbit

In my last post, “Spot the Difference” I posted two pictures that my daughter drew of our family, and asked readers to spot the difference. Perhaps you’re all too busy with summer holidays to read or comment, or were simply hesitant to wager a guess, so here are a few more pictures that should make things a little more obvious.

Here we are, in a photo taken in February, an epic moment where we all looked decently clothed (note you can’t see that my boys are not wearing socks…matching socks are beyond my powers). Gotta love the godfather-style glare from my toddler, who was not amused.

And here’s the family member who isn’t in the photo, for the simple fact that this little bean didn’t exist yet, except, as the saying goes, as a twinkle in her father’s eyes. ✨

Welcome to the world, baby!

My sister has dubbed our new little one Timbit, because this is how James and I announced the baby to our other kids: we brought home a box of Timbits and told the kids we had a little piece of news for them, one currently smaller than a Timbit. After several guesses about things like Daddy buying me jewellery or something, and a hint that the news would not stay the size of a Timbit, the excited kids realized it was a baby.

Yup, it’s kinda crazy, but at this point, may as well own the crazy. Thinking of getting such a jersey for the baby to save trouble at the grocery store: “Oh, how cute! Is this your second? Third? Fourth?”

You get the idea. Lucky #9!

18 thoughts on “Welcome, Baby Timbit

  1. Dianne Wood

    I have a crazy Timbit story. When I met my husband he was not baptized , completely uncatechised.
    He would come with my family to Mass on Sundays. My parents always took us to Tim Horton’s after Mass.
    I had been trying to explain to him The Mass and the Real Presence. We couldn’t stop laughing when he said “I get it! Going to Mass is like going to Tim Horton’s. We go to Mass to get a Jesus’ body like we come to Tim Horton’s to get Timbits, bits of Tim’s body.”
    Well it took a while but he eventually did get it.

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    1. That’s hilarious! We always went to Timmie’s in my early days of going to Mass as well, along with our a friend Fr. Ashley, who loved the Maple Blondie doughnut! I think having that time of fellowship after praying together helped me find faith as well.


  2. Congratulations Anna, what happy news, your family is beautiful and you look really well and vibrant.

    I can still remember your oldest girls at our clinic visits, listening to their nearly-born baby sibling’s heartbeat, they were so precious. I can’t believe it was that many years ago.

    Sending love to you all.

    xoxo Shannon

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    1. Thank you, Shannon, for sharing this sweet memory. You made our early experiences with pregnancy so positive! The kids loved how involved you let them be.
      My friend Bonnie Way and I are working on a book on pregnancy, sharing all our best tips, and giving huge shout outs for the amazing work of midwives like you! 🌹🌹🌹
      Now if I can just stay awake when I sit down long enough to finish it… 😆


      1. Ah, thank you, Kirsten! We have lots of happy memories of our new babies who were born at your house when we lived in your suite. Please tell Alex and the kids hello from us all! Maybe we can have a park play date before school starts. Xox


    1. Hi Mary,
      Oh, yes, you did reply, thank you! 🥰
      I am doing pretty well, but so grateful early pregnancy has been during the summer so I can nap and snack and not be overly ambitious. Baby Timbit eats like a horse already! 😂


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