Church attendance is up—

the parking lot is packed.

People wait with anxious faces,

day-worn and dreary in the early evening cold,

eager to receive the warm comfort

of a meal they didn’t make,

a bit of tender nourishment

amidst the hectic rush

and flow of pandemic worries…

I watch them as I walk by to pick up my daughter from ballet,

these people united though apart,

their cars waiting in line

at Church’s Chicken.

7 thoughts on “Church

  1. Janet

    Okay Anna , you got me. I read your poem early this morning and obviously didn’t do a good job of it. Karen asked me if I’d read it , to which I replied. YES !
    I continued to explain to her that the meal you were talking about was the Eucharist and that when I got home I was going to call with a reminder about how it wasn’t a good idea to go into church with so many people and that you should go when it wasn’t so busy. It wasn’t until I had finished ranting to Karen that she asked me if I’d read the last word of your poem. CHICKEN . I thought you’d find this funny especially since I told you a very similar story that your daughter told me a few weeks ago. 🤪

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