Cookies and Milk at 3 am

Of course, after admonishing our kids not to wake up too early for Christmas (they once woke up at midnight to open the stockings on the ends of their beds) it would be me, their mom, who woke up at 2:30 am and couldn’t get back to sleep. So silly, as the kids and I had worked so hard to prepare ahead, had finished wrapping and had even stuffed the stockings and stowed them in a box days ago, so I wouldn’t have to burn the midnight oil playing Mrs Clause. Yet I woke up. Was it pregnancy heartburn, excitement, or insomnia?

Whatever it was, I decided Santa’s tradition of the post-midnight snack was a good idea and got up to have an angel sugar cookie and a glass of milk. I’d say I had a snack with Santa, but you’d know from Google Santa Tracker that he was already safely back home in the North Pole by this hour.

So while I’m up, I thought I’d take this quiet moment chance to wish you all a very Merry Christmas, despite everything, and a lot of hope for better things to come in 2021. Thank you so much to all our family and friends who supported us from afar this year, as we went through the pandemic, and through the illness and loss of my Dad, Bob, to cancer. Your loving words, encouragement, cards, flowers or food dropped at our door have meant a lot.

Shortly after my Dad passed away, in the morning of November 9th, it began snowing, which is rare on the rainy coast. “Mum, Mum,” said the kids with excitement, “Grandpa is sending us snow from Heaven with Josephine!” It’s amazing how positive and resilient kids can be in the face of loss. Here are a few pictures from our house, where we have tried to find all the joy and sparkle we can this Advent.

May God in his humble nearness at Christmas surround you with blessings and give you the eyes to see them, so the little hidden miracles of each day can shine and bring you hope.

Lots of love from all the Eastlands here at Just East of Crazy Land! Thanks for being here, making me feel less alone as I eat cookies and milk at 3 am, and await the sparkly madness of Christmas morning with 7 kids! ✨🌲✨🎁✨🌲✨

2 thoughts on “Cookies and Milk at 3 am


    Dearest Anna,
    Thanks A LOT for you Christmas wishes. It is so ENCOURAGING not just for me but for ALL the supernumeraries. Your messages help them so much in this world where few people see things with God eyes…. So….I’m glad(sounds cruel) that you couldn’t sleep……(you understand) so you could write your inner thoughts.So thanks again ….I loved your kids coment on the SNOW(by the way …..that I miss so much in my WARM MEXICO😂) So have a WONDERFULL DAY OF CHRISTMAS and please keep helping me and the ladies with your wonderfull adventures and blessings that are your kids.
    A big big kiss, and please extend my wishes to your mum and other relatives and the supernumeraries of your RAINY city😃) I miss you.

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    1. Thank you loveliest, Susana!! I miss you too and I’m so happy to stay in touch from afar. I’m very glad my midnight ramblings bring encouragement.
      All my love to you and all our sisters in Mexico! ✨🥰✨
      Anna xoxox


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