The Simplest Things

Here’s another poem about my Dad from this summer, written in early July.

The Simplest Things

It’s been nearly eight months
but the simplest things can still set me off,

like dumping out Suzie’s Spicy Brown Mustard,
which I took out of your fridge after you died
and kept as long as possible
(even long after it expired)
just because I didn’t want to let any piece of you go—

anything that smelled like lunch with you, Dad,
like you visiting,
like you smiling at me from across the table,
and it being the best day ever
because you were there.

4 thoughts on “The Simplest Things

  1. Wave

    After you graduated from high school and moved away from home, my eyes would fill with tears when I saw your favourite cereal in the grocery store. I missed you but was proud of your accomplishments in your new independence .

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  2. Susana Parrodi

    Hello Anna The day I received your mail (anniversary of you Dad) I answered…but guess what? I erased all…🙃 I was very mad at myself..because it was a very ,lets say SENTIMENTAL mail that for sure it was IMPOSIBLE to repeat😭 But I just want to tell you that to remember your Dad is keeping him CLOSE BY…for sure he is so happy with God and asking Him to bless you and help you in ALL your needs Be sure of my prayers for you and each one in the family and keep sending your GORGEOUS PICTURES…I love them!!!! A big big big kiss Susana

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