coals of divine love

Do we realize our immense dignity

as children of God? 

That we are

with the coals of divine love 

burning in our souls

as walking tabernacles

of the Holy Spirit?

Every touch, every gesture

should be one of love

as done by one bearing an immense treasure,

a wealth of gleaming gold

inside a simple earthen vessel.

How then our work can be an act of worship

done in union with God within us

with the delicacy of one in love.

May we glow with this warmth

bringing affection to all we encounter

and the joy of being children of God

ever in His presence. 


Bumbling Towards You

How often I need to visit you, Lord
seeking you throughout the day
as a bee seeks flowers
constantly searching for sweetness


Again and again
I alight in little pools of beauty
drinking deeply to refresh my soul
and sustain my flight


If I failed to do so
out of busyness
I would be as a bee
too distracted to visit flowers
and would end up a dry shell
on the parched summer pavement


Draw me to you, Lord
with your beauteous colours
your enticing fragrance
your delicate invitation
like an open flower
waiting for a kiss


Remind me that with you
hot summer days and hard work
turn into liquid golden honey
and in all things and every day
keep me bumbling towards you