Bumbling Towards You

How often I need to visit you, Lord
seeking you throughout the day
as a bee seeks flowers
constantly searching for sweetness


Again and again
I alight in little pools of beauty
drinking deeply to refresh my soul
and sustain my flight


If I failed to do so
out of busyness
I would be as a bee
too distracted to visit flowers
and would end up a dry shell
on the parched summer pavement


Draw me to you, Lord
with your beauteous colours
your enticing fragrance
your delicate invitation
like an open flower
waiting for a kiss


Remind me that with you
hot summer days and hard work
turn into liquid golden honey
and in all things and every day
keep me bumbling towards you


6 thoughts on “Bumbling Towards You

    1. Yeah, it’s so easy to get to that place of interior dryness in our busy world…the beautiful thing is that we can always start afresh, every day, because God is patiently waiting to rejuvenate our spirit, just as the flowers await the bees. All we need to do is fly to him in our hearts.


  1. Alexander F. Kurnicki

    Nice! I’m going to go out on a limb here (humbly so) suggesting that my garden was partial inspiration for this poem? If so, I am humbled and happy that it did. ALX.


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