Deep Roots


Here we are together
many sisters not of flesh but of heart
praying, laughing, resting and learning
gathering strength in a place apart

Be like giant trees
we are told
stretching to the sky
but humbly, firmly rooted in love

This is your strength
to rely on something greater than yourselves
to plant yourselves deeply in something bigger

Those who base everything on themselves
are like rootless trees
towering egos
unstable ‘I’s ready to topple
in the first wind


Let the love of God be your strength
your firm root
your soul’s nourishment

For in this way
your branches will grow
stretching out to embrace the world
touching those around you
with the gentle caress of love

And in your shade
they will find shelter
and the safety to grow themselves


10 thoughts on “Deep Roots

    1. Wow, thanks, Sasha! It’s so funny, I really enjoyed your last post on moms being real like the velveteen rabbit, all worn out with love, and was thinking today how I’d like to connect with you more, and here you are! Thanks for reading…


      1. Yeah, it’s so great to be part of the online writing community and be able to connect with amazing people from all over the place, at any time of day! So glad the baby woke me up in the night because I ended up writing this poem…


  1. Roberta Cottam

    The line in which you compare the letter “I” (as in “me”) to a rootless tree–about to topple –is especially brilliant. Thanks for sharing your gift; I just love hearing God’s voice through you! xo


    1. I’m so honoured by your comments, Roberta. Thank you so much! I want to say that this poem was inspired by a beautiful mediation Fr. Julio gave on our workshop. Very lucky to be here!


    1. Thanks! Trees are awesome. I used to have a favourite climbing tree as a kid. I would climb as high as I could and sway in the wind when I was upset. It was a safe place to feel deeply and to pray, without knowing that I was. Trees make good listeners, and you don’t even have to use words.


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