Story time!


Nothing like the library for a chilly November afternoon outing. There’s something special about those tiny kid sized tables and chairs that just make kids want to sit and read or colour. Even my little guy loves to look at books, especially this brightly coloured one with black contrast. He pats it and gurgles.

3 thoughts on “Story time!

  1. Janet

    What a lovely picture to wake up to…….Isn’t it something that all children from the time of their coming into this world love to learn, especially looking a books……..such a special gift…


    1. Anna Eastland

      Thank you so much! I totally agree…reading opens up a whole new world. I didn’t like school at all until I began to love reading in grade three when I had an awesome, encouraging teacher. We would have silent reading time and I got to sit in a cosy rocking chair. We did plays about the books we read, and I got to be Fern in Charlotte’s Web.


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