Yippee: Debt Free

This Valentine’s my husband gave me a wonderful, unexpected gift. He paid off my last, our last, student loan. Six substantial loans gone…debt free!

After 4 years of living in a one-bedroom apartment with the kids to save money, 8 years of taking the bus because we couldn’t afford a car, cutting my own hair to save the money, 8 years of handing over every extra cent to pay them off, every tax refund, every little windfall, we finally did it. Paid off a massive amount of student loan debt on one modest income, and now we are free!

It is a wonderful gift. My husband works so hard and sacrifices so much for us. I am truly grateful.

So, you ask, what did you get him for Valentine’s?

Well, a sandwich.


I tried to make it the yummiest one I could: tomato bocconcini with fresh spinach leaves, homemade olive oil and balsamic dressing, full of basil, oregano and garlic…roasted in the oven, with juicy purple olives on the side…but yes, a sandwich.

And a card I coloured with my three year old:


It doesn’t really compare does it? To thousands of dollars? But you know, we each gave our gifts with love, and we’re both happy.

It’s not a competition, and besides, I am happy to be outdone by him. Happy to be forever indebted to him, who has given me so much. I don’t mind needing him.

After watching a sweet romantic comedy called “Just Like Heaven,” I listened to him falling asleep, breathing slowly and holding my hand. Our fingers were squeezed together until I couldn’t tell if the faint “ba-bum, ba-bum, ba-bum” I felt between my them was my pulse or his.

Being vulnerable and needing each other, each on our own ways, helps us stay close. And isn’t that what Valentine’s is all about?

6 thoughts on “Yippee: Debt Free

  1. Janet

    Congratulations to you both. I know you must have sacrificed a lot, to get to this Special Valentine Day. This is one that you will remember always, not just because of the relief of unloading such a heavy debt, but how you BOTH TOGETHER have accomplished it. Proof again how it doesn’t matter what you have but what you give to each other. LOVE, COMMUNICATION, FORGIVENESS, UNDERSTANDING, and WORKING TOGETHER in what ever way you can in order to reach the end of one of the hard races in life that you will have to endure. You both deserve a medal for your accomplishments. (much love and happiness to you both and a Happy Valentine Day , you deserve it……


  2. natalie

    I fell upon your blog from the link on your email. I know this was months ago but CONGRATS! We are working on becoming debt free and hope to give that gift to my husband on his bday next year…that’s our goal. It’s so cool to see someone I know do the same, thanks for sharing. Also, congrats on your newest little girl, how exciting! God Bless


    1. Hi Natalie,
      Oh, I’m so glad you can relate! It’s amazing how much money you can pay off on one income of you’re frugal. You’ll get there, and it’s such a wonderful feeling to be free!


  3. Yet another way in which you’ve inspired us! Congratulations on being debt free…

    I’ve told Marc I haven’t bought him anything special or had any energy or time to “think of something” for our first wedding anniversary. I know we’ll just do something simple, like have a special picnic after Mass or take a walk on the beach if it’s nice out. You don’t need to be fancy to be romantic!

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