Why Being a Mom is a Lot Like Being a Rock Star


1. You have a loyal fan club who follows you around screaming.


2. You have no privacy. There is paparazzi even in the bathroom.


3. Cute people want to jump in your bed at all hours. People will do anything to spend time with you.


4. In the morning, the signs of partying hard are all there. It looks like wild animal stuck to your head, and then got electrocuted.


5. “Normal” noise levels are much louder for you than for most people. You host a lot of impromptu dance parties.


6. People copy everything you do…for better or for worse…


7. Lots of people you know are addicted to the bottle.


8. Your sense of fashion has drastically changed since you entered your current career.


9. You’re no stranger to feeling pukey in the morning.


10. You’re more ‘creative’ when you’re in love, and lots of people are in love with you.


Rock on, fellow moms! You are stars! Keep making that sweet music…


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