Josephine flashed before us
with the brightness and beauty
of a shooting star

Our hearts are broken by the briefness
of her visit with us

She has climbed onto our Father God’s lap
and is whispering to him our secrets
with sweet confidence
Speak to her in your hearts
the only language she will ever know is love


6 thoughts on “Josephine

  1. Janet Eastland

    Beautiful picture and touching poem, in memory of our sweet little Josephine. I have read it dozens of times already and probably will many more. It makes me feel close to our little angel and keeps her close to my heart. Love and prayers go out you all. Mom (grandma) 🌻💞


    1. Thank you, Janet. I was finally ready to share this with more people. The picture is as you know the gorgeous sky the evening of her funeral day.
      We stopped by her grave yesterday on the way home from church. It is so good having her so close to home.


  2. Oh, Anna, I have no words. I have been catching up with your blog and your beautiful, beautiful poetry. There is so much I want to say and none of it seems enough. Sending you love, prayers and blessings from Australia.


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