Homeschool Ketchup


So we didn’t make ketchup as a home school cooking project, I’m just inclined to love silly puns, so here’s a few photos to help you catch up on what the girls have been up to. A quick ‘ketchup’ post.

This is everyone with Grandma, who brought new school supplies…which always makes studying far more exciting, even for the little ones.


It makes me happy to see the older ones helping the little ones…because isn’t one of the most important goals of education to help people learn to care for and take care of others?






We also rearranged the furniture—another simple trick to make kids more excited about sitting at their desks to work!



My little preschooler is picking up stuff by osmosis…look what she tried to write all by herself!


Sometimes doing math together, with little silly drawings and stories, really helps supplement the workbook problem pages, and turns repetitious math questions into an opportunity to bond. Snacks help, too! You’d be amazed how much better my daughter learns math when she is using crackers to count with, and to keep her blood sugar up! Double whammy! 😉


It seems that cutting paper in funny shapes, like a seashell for example, makes kids a lot more interested in writing in them! Here’s a page from an under the sea creature book. The ghastly deep water angler fish…


Look what I found to my delight on the white board…promise I didn’t bribe my daughter to write it! 😉 But I agree, while it can be a logistical zoo at times, homeschooling is such a beautiful way to bond as a family while learning about the world. It is truly “awsome” (yes, we’re still working on spelling!)…


7 thoughts on “Homeschool Ketchup

  1. Lynn Conrad

    how do you find time to homeschool? I can’t believe how much they have all grown. Merry Christmas to all of you and Happy New Year!
    Love, Lynn


  2. Roberta Cottam

    I remember doodling a lot in the margins of my paper to help me remember math formulas, French verb conjugation and science facts. And I remember just how many garbage pick-up and desk washing duties I had to endure for drawing in class! It touched my heart to see your daughters’ creative minds at work while learning math. Thanks for a super inspiring post!


    1. It’s so funny they clamp down so hard on drawing. I think engaging the creative part if our brains helps us relax and learn better. Less stress can help us remember things better cause we’re not trying to block out bad memories.
      As a kid, they put me in a three sided box thing so I wouldn’t stare out the window during math! Needless to say, I never liked the topic, so in trying to make it fun for my kids.


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